Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tuscan holiday

Martin & Sasha, originally uploaded by foutugraphe.

When Martin and Sasha first asked me to take 'the' photos at their wedding, I was both flattered and already panicking. My little Canon A80, although trusty, would not do the trick. The film SLR might, once dusted.
The idea started to grow on me when they mentioned Tuscany.

When you need to fly over half the world map to go visit your family, best is to get married somewhere on the way so both families can share the air miles. The plates of antipasti are enough a reason if you ask me.

It was a great opportunity after all and so I agreed to take on the challenge.

Borgo Rapale, a 30 min drive to Siena, surrounded by a sea of olive trees and ripe grapes was almost out of a dream. The day before the ceremony, the guests started to arrive in waves from every corner of the world comparing in turns the effects of jet lag and the differences in temperature. The traffic of rental cars in the quiet village I think remains a topic of discussion among the elders.
With most to stay for the whole week, everybody settled in and later gathered to share a first Tuscan meal. Pasta had certainly not tasted so good in a while.

The ceremony took place in the garden of the estate where we were all staying, overlooking the hills. We took couple and family portraits in the late afternoon sun and I diligently captured on film all the beaming smiles.
None of the dramas and catastrophes I had dreamt of happened on the 'big day'. I had put film in the camera, the camera did not fail me, nor were Martin or Sasha hating me. Phew. Now pass me the Chianti!

I am happy with the way most of the photos turned out. I am certainly happy to have overcome my initial fears and given it a go. I'll always remember fondly taking the picture above and the smile on my face as I pressed the shutter.
Happy first Anniversary!

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